Carlo Badioli

Carlo Badioli is a global passionate leader and change agent with a track record of tailoring innovative solutions to the needs of the business. He earned his MBA in Finance from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Università di Bologna, Italy. Carlo’s capitalizes on his ability to apply his engineer’s analytical skills and thought processes to different business situations to build dynamic, cohesive teams resulting in significant gains in efficiency to support rapid growth for businesses across North America and Europe. Most recently, at illy caffè North America, he refocused the salesforce and allowed the company to become the largest Italian coffee brand in the US. +1.914.643.9560 LinkedIn

George Bradt

George Bradt has led the revolution in how people start new jobs. After Harvard and Wharton (MBA), he progressed through sales, marketing, and general management roles around the world at companies including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and J.D. Power’s Power Information Network spin off as chief executive. Now he is a Principal of CEO Connection, Chairman of PrimeGenesis, author of five books on onboarding, 400+ columns for Forbes, and eleven musical plays (book, lyrics & music) +1.203.323.8501

Fran Biderman-Gross

Known by her clients as “The Strategista,” Fran has synthesized more than 20 years of marketing expertise into inspiring, actionable steps that every organization can quickly implement to get noticed. Fran is a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses and founder of Advantages, a multi-million dollar powerhouse branding and communications agency in New York. She teaches brands how to leverage their organizational assets and amplify their reach by telling authentic stories through purposeful marketing. She shares what she’s learned in the hopes that it will inspire others to explore their core values, their mission, vision and the personal “WHY” that propels them as leaders to excel every day. +1.718.820.0688

Jordan Brock

Jordan Brock, previously a sales account manager in the tech industry working for Dell, Rackspace and Coyote Point Enterprises, is an expert at establishing and maneuvering the inner workings of corporations to reap desired results. Now under Goodthink Inc., Jordan has consulted for numerous companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies all over the world upon “The Happiness Advantage” (by Shawn Achor), which is the message upon how happiness and positive psychology correlate to workplace success, leadership, profitability, and engagement. Combined with his natural “Visionary” personal attributes, he advises others on how to strategically obtain, adapt, and maintain necessary materials, resources, and talent to make their business a success. +1.214.886.8121 LinkedIn


At First-Time Leader our multi-generational team is committed to placing ourselves in our clients shoes. We blend our sets of knowledge and differing perspectives to provide excellent service, strategic creativity, and practical tools, approaches, and action steps to our clients so that they can best fulfill potential and accelerate their transition.


Sarah Daniels

Beginning in the start-up business community as an executive assistant, Sarah Daniels learned the secret formula to small-business success through working alongside various entrepreneurs. Later transitioning to business development with an emphasis on sustainable practices, she channels her experiential knowledge to intentionally aid and support start-ups and small business owners. Sarah facilitates sessions for vision-casting, knowledge management, project management, branding, and cross-generational communication. +1.585.690.3404 LinkedIn

Katherine Chavez

Katherine is a young marketing professional with a proclivity toward the energy of startup environments and a spirit of entrepreneurship. She started her career in sales and never looked back. Her background includes construction contracting, public relations, and healthcare in businesses of all shapes and sizes. She now calls the Seattle tech startup community home.  Katherine has a passion to grow businesses; she learned very early that best way to grow a business is to grow it’s people. A natural strategist, Katherine is known for her ability to see the big picture and provide clarity to complex projects and situations. +1.971.260.0673 LinkedIn


Jim Cornehlsen

Jim Cornehlsen has been a C Suite Advisor for over 35 years. As a Partner and Practice Leader at a global top 5 executive search firm, he counseled companies on leadership requirements for the future. He assisted C Suite executives in sorting out career options, legacy, and opportunity for personal impact. In consulting affiliations over the last 10 years, Jim has focused on personal transition, purpose oriented leadership, positive culture to build meaning at work, and the self-awareness to show up as a leader and full human being. He is an active participant in Conscious Capitalism and a Collaborative to Collaborate America and the Culture Collaborative. +1.917.913.4282