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CARE To Make The Best Of Negative Feedback

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Not all negative feedback is bad. Not all positive feedback is good. CARE to make the best of either: consider, assess, react, evolve.

  • Consider the situation and the motivation and credibility of those giving you feedback.

  • Assess what they really are trying to tell you, its implications and your approach befor...

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Yes, Virginia, there are good mistakes. They need to be handled differently than do bad mistakes. In general, encourage intentional mistakes with minor impact and consider, excuse or prevent the rest.

Intention And Impact

While most mistakes are unintentional, evolution and survival depend on continual learning and adap...

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Some perspective on value capture as a euphemism for price.  It’s incomplete.  Value can be exchanged in non-monetary ways as well.  This is particularly important as leaders think about compensating their team members as individuals value non-monetary things as well as monetary rewards.

There was an interes...

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The questions come in every size and shape. “What’s the vision?” “What’s our plan?” “What are you thinking?” “What do you want us to do?” “How can we help?” Don’t be fooled. They are all variations on the only question anyone actually cares about during times of change: “How does this affect me?” Until you provide an...

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You can start a cultural change with organizational changes or strategic changes.  But until the operations change, nothing will stick.  This is often the most difficult part of the change process because operations involve ingrained habits, practices, and systems. This is where the sacred cows hang out.  This is the...

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Most change agents don’t survive their own change. Of course the organization needed to change. Of course they were brought in to lead that change. But the change process is often so painful and so many “good” people have to go away that the change agent becomes an ongoing reminder of bad times. Stepping into the brig...

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